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A BPMN Extension to Support Organizational Structure Evaluation, Case study: Service Desk of University of Tehran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 17 October 2021


Seyed Mohsen Rahnamafard; Reza Vaezi; Payam Hanafizadeh; Ehsan Chitsaz

Analyzing Hospital Services Quality Using a Hybrid Approach: Evidence from Information Technology

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2023, Pages 116-137


Farshid Jahanshahee Nezhad; Ali Zamani Babgohari; Mohammadreza Taghizadeh-Yazdi

Factors Influencing Electronic Brand Love and E-Loyalty

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2023, Pages 138-163


Reza Salehzadeh; Arash AdelPanah; seyed Mehdi Mirmehdi

Effects of the Pandemic on the Adoption of E-Wallets Among Young Adults in Malaysia

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2023, Pages 183-203


Ajitha Angusamy; Jayanty Kuppusamy; Kavitha Balakrishnan; Tan Ke Xuan

Big Data Analytics and Now-casting: A Comprehensive Model for Eventuality of Forecasting and Predictive Policies of Policy-making Institutions

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2019, Pages 1-42


Maryam Hajipour Sarduie; Mohammadali Afshar Kazemi; Mahmood Alborzi; Adel Azar; Ali Kermanshah

Identifying the Determinant Factors of E-Service Innovations: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2019, Pages 79-110


Seyed Mohammadbagher Jafari; Mona Jami Pour; Reyhanezahra Esfandiyarpour