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Call for Papers

1. Special Issue on Deep Learning for Visual Information Analytics and Management

2. Special Issue on Big Data Analytics and Management in Internet of Things

3. Special Issue on Pragmatic Approaches of Software Engineering for Big Data Analytics, Applications and Development

4. Special Issue on Security and Resource Management challenges for Internet of Things 

5. Special Issue on The Importance of Human Computer Interaction: Challenges, Methods and Applications

6. Special Issue on Deep Learning Techniques for Marketing and Finance.

7. Special Issue on Intelligent solutions in science, engineering and a general study on business  administration, economics and accounting policy.





Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, 2020 

2. Efficiency of Information Management and Analysis for Industrial Entrepreneurship

Pages 4-13


Irina Gontareva; Vitalina Babenko; Viktoriia Yevtushenko; Nataliia Voloshko; Yevgen Oliynyk

4. Integrated Intelligent Information and Analytical System of Management of a Life Cycle of Products of Transport Companies

Pages 26-33


Sultan Ramazanov; Vitalina Babenko; Oleksandr Honcharenko; Nataliia Moisieieva; Volodymyr Dykan

8. Strategic Guidelines for the Improvement of Logistic Activities of Trade Enterprises

Pages 69-81


Tatyana Valerievna Shtal; Anastasiya Ievgenievna Uvarova; Nadiia Viktorivna Proskurnina; Nataliia Leonidivna Savytska

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