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Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM) is open access and a peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to the field of IT Management with the aim of developing administration knowledge, identifying the management problems in organizations and presenting the solutions. The submitted papers will be published after a special review as well as the approval of the editorial board.The journal was established by the Faculty of Management, the University of Tehran in 2009. The honorable professors and researchers are highly appreciated if they visit this site, register, submit and set up their papers based on authors' guidelines. Therefore, visiting in person or calling the journal office are not recommended, so all connections with authors and honorable reviewers are done through the website.


“This journal is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws”


Call for Papers

1. Recent Advances, Challenges and Future Trends in eHealth Informatics 

 2. TAI based Big Earth Data intelligence for sustainable environment

3. Digital Twin Enabled Neural Networks Architecture Management for Sustainable Computing

4. Edge AI, IoT and Blockchain for Smart Industrial Applications 

5. Intelligent and Security for Communication, Computing Application (ISCCA-2022) 



Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 1-100 

Economic and mathematical modeling of innovative development of the agglomeration on the basis of information technologies

Pages 1-13


Mykhailo Oklander; Oksana Yashkina; Оlena Chukurna; Tatiana Oklander; Аnastasia Pandas; Larysa Radkevych; Viktoriia Sinkovska

Process model of development of leadership qualities of public servants in the conditions of digital transformation

Pages 14-35


Roman Ivanovych Storozhev; Yurii Volodymyrovych Baiun; Igor Nikolaevich Yashutin; Olena Mykhailivna Nyzhnyk; Oleksandr Igorevich Voronov

Information management systems in the systematization of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of investment processes in the securities market

Pages 36-61


Yuliia Kovalenko; Tetyana Bilovus; Valentyna Unynets-Khodakivska; Sofiia Dombrovska; Anatolii Faizov; Viktoriia Baranova

Digital Tools of Marketing Strategies in Hotel Branding

Pages 62-88


Iryna Banyeva; Nataliia Lebedieva; Maryna Nehrey; Olena Velychko; Olena Petrova; Svitlana Peresichna

Development of IT-consulting in the system of foreign economic activity of agriculture in the region

Pages 89-112


Andrii Zavhorodnii; Ruslan Skupskyi; Ruslan Zubkov; Liudmyla Dombrovska; Olena Fridman; Olena Shcherbyna

Strategic Role of E-Public Procurements in the Formation of Sustainable and Inclusive Economy

Pages 113-123


Nataliia Tkachenko; Yuliia Kovalenko; Olga Kalaman; Larysa Rodchenko; Igor Rodchenko; Serhii Didukh

Digitalization of Business Development Marketing Tools in the B2C Market

Pages 124-134


Nataliia Savytska; Vitalina Babenko; Hanna Chmil; Olha Priadko; Iryna Bubenets

Forensic Research of the Computer Tools and Systems in the Fight against Cybercrime

Pages 135-162


Serhii Drobotov; Roman Pertsev; Mariia Hrab; Vasyl Fedytnyk; Svitlana Moroz; Mariia Kikalishvili

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