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Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM) is open access and a peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to the field of IT Management with the aim of developing administration knowledge, identifying the management problems in organizations and presenting the solutions. The submitted papers will be published after a special review as well as the approval of the editorial board.The journal was established by the Faculty of Management, the University of Tehran in 2009. The honorable professors and researchers are highly appreciated if they visit this site, register, submit and set up their papers based on authors' guidelines. Therefore, visiting in person or calling the journal office are not recommended, so all connections with authors and honorable reviewers are done through the website.


“This journal is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws”


Call for Papers

1. Deep Learning Techniques for Marketing and Finance. 

 2. TAI based Big Earth Data intelligence for sustainable environment

3. Digital Twin Enabled Neural Networks Architecture Management for Sustainable Computing

4. Green IoT for Energy resource management




Current Issue: Volume 14, Special Issue: The business value of Blockchain, challenges, and perspectives., 2022, Pages 1-243 

Trust in Blockchain-Based Advertising: A System Dynamics Approach

Pages 62-82


Hojjat Nejati Rashtabadi; Mohsen Akbari; Narges Delafrooz; Ali Gholipour Soleimani

Challenges of using blockchain technology in the international markets

Pages 171-191


Hamzeh Aghababayi; Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi; Saman Babaie Kafaki; Mohammad Rahmanimanesh

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