Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 7, Summer 2011, Pages 1-192 (مدیریت فناوری اطلاعات) 
1. A AHP Methodology for Ranking the Factors Influencing Trust in the Internet

Pages 1-18

Mehdi Abzari; Hassan Ghorbani; khajeh Zadeh; Elmira Makinian

2. Evaluation of Challenge between Internet and Mass Media in News Diffusion with the Use of Stochastic Process

Pages 19-36

Seyed Golamreza Jalali Naeeni; Saeed Yaghoubi; Fateme Pourdadashi Komachali

6. Developing a Framework for Knowledge Innovation Strategic Management

Pages 93-114

Sepehr Ghazinoory; Sedigheh Rezaiian; Hassan Fallah

8. Developing Structural Dimensions in accordance with Knowledge Management Approach

Pages 133-150

Abbas Monavvarian; Mehdi kheirandish; Nasser Asgari

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