A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Impact of Most Applied Services on News Websites Quality



Websites have been considered as one of the most important means of communication among different stakeholders. Regarding this fact, the news websites have been taken into account as one of the most important types of websites since they provide the users with significant information providing capabilities and they also play a major role in creating and disseminating knowledge in the society. The design and utilization of such websites have been considered a significant challenge in the modern business environment. Making use of various services in building the news websites has a great impact in improving the quality and value of such websites and consequently, it causes a meaningful increase in the rate of website visits and returns. The main goal of this paper is to provide an appropriate solution for designing and analyzing the news websites with the use of the best combination of the effective, qualitative, and value-generating services. For this purpose and for increasing the quality of news websites, the most important services have been extracted and categorized. This categorization is based on the broad and deep investigation of the most utilized services of the top 50 news websites in the world. Consequently, the services and their role in creating added value have been evaluated and validated by the experts in the field. The presented model can be used by the news websites managers and administrators for designing more effective and efficient websites in order to better satisfy the demands of customers.