Evaluation of Challenge between Internet and Mass Media in News Diffusion with the Use of Stochastic Process



Because of the newness of Information Technology (IT) and Internet in the world, and because of intrinsic constraint of multimedia and traditional news systems such as: newspaper, bulletin, radio and television in interactive communication, diffusion of news and information in Internet has possessed special situation. But it is possible sometimes that the use of internet doesn’t achieve anticipated and expected objectives for leaders of media. Because every media is appropriate to fulfill special objectives. Namely, sometimes using the Internet and occasionally using the mass media, can be efficient. In this article, it is tried with using stochastic process and adapting epidemic model for mass media behavior and also introducing a new mathematic method for analyzing Internet behavior concerning diffusion news in a period of time and the behavior of media is analyzed. Therefore, some features such as: the mean number of person hears news, the mean of time continues to hear news N-person, and other important parameters are studied.