Effect of IT on Organizational Behavior: Effect of e-mail on Professors` Evaluation of Students



IT development and its ease of use have caused the organizations to equip their processing and operations through IT. It has been over a century that performance assessment has been a significant issue for management and actually has been performed in different ways. The current study aims to discover the effect of e-mail on performance assessment. Therefore, mixed method has been used. The research method for the first step is qualitative and then survey method (quantitative) has been used for the second step. Research sample consists of 15 professors and PhD students for the qualitative study and 180 people are taken for quantitative study. The method of Data gathering was snowball sampling and has been simple random survey. Data of Qualitative research identifies 8 major themes and quantitative data analysis is 64% of variance, using the exploratory analysis. The results show that performance assessment affected by IT and its deficiencies are interpreted from the point of technology. Lack of non-verbal communication and body language fluctuates the assessment and causes misunderstandings. The current paper states that nowadays IT, specially e-mail , is getting so popular in universities, and is one of the effective factors on multi dimensional student assessment , however the issue is not important for the professors and they do not care much.