Developing a Framework for Knowledge Innovation Strategic Management



In the current age, the importance of using knowledge as a tool for creativity and innovation at national level is considerable. Furthermore, it would be taken into consideration as strategic need in the competition among different countries. Hence in this paper, a new knowledge strategic management framework was developed with emphasizing on knowledge based innovation, upon up studying knowledge management models, knowledge strategic management, innovation and innovation knowledge (knowledge based innovation). Developing new conceptual model was done on the basis of comprehensive review of knowledge management literature which applys in innovation management. The presented model has two layers including five main stages: knowledge based innovation and business alignment, vision and mission, gap analysis, defining goals based upon innovation needs in each of the knowledge areas, road map planning, and finally monitoring achievement of the goals. For validation of the framework, the components of the knowledge strategic management models were gathered and examined by a questioner, then in the next step using T statistics test, significant of the criteria (which explored from literature) was measured by SPSS software, finally with a new advance multi criteria decision making method which is called evidential reasoning based on 17criteria, importance of current models and proposed model were compared and ranking accomplished. Results indicate that the providing model obtain higher points among others.