Keywords = Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Solving Educational Problems

Volume 14, Special Issue: Digitalization of Socio-Economic Processes, September 2022, Pages 132-146


Olena Skrynnyk; Serhiy Lyeonov; Svitlana Lenska; Svitlana Litvinchuk; Liudmyla Galaieva; Oleksandr Radkevych

Deep-Learning-CNN for Detecting Covered Faces with Niqab

Volume 14, Special Issue: 5th International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology (IRICT 2020), 2022, Pages 114-123


Abdulaziz A. Alashbi; Mohd Shahrizal Sunar; Zieb Alqahtani

Development of Robot Journalism Application: Tweets of News Content in the Turkish Language Shared by a Bot

Volume 12, Special Issue: The Importance of Human Computer Interaction: Challenges, Methods and Applications., 2020, Pages 68-88


Hikmet Tosyalı; Çiğdem Aytekin