Main Subjects = Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce)
Systematic Mapping on Research Methodology in the Field of E-commerce

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 435-455


Elham Asadamraji; Hasanali Nemati; Ayoub Mohamadian

Segmentation of Internet Banking Users Based on Expectations: A Data Mining Approach

Volume 6, Issue 3, October 2014, Pages 419-434


Shahriar Azizi; Vahid Hossein Abadi; Mohammad Balaghi Inanlou

Effects of Consumer Characteristics on their Acceptance of Online Shopping: A Survey in Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2014, Pages 67-84


Tahmoures Hasangholipour; Mojtaba Amiri; Farnaz sadat Fahim; Amirhosein Ghaderi Abed