Effects of Consumer Characteristics on their Acceptance of Online Shopping: A Survey in Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof. University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Prof. University of Tehran, Iran

3 MBA, University of Tehran, Iran

4 MBA Student, University of Tehran, Iran


Previous electronic commerce (EC) studies have found that
consumer characteristics are important when considering issues related to
the acceptance of online shopping. However, most studies have focused
on a single product or similar products. The effects of different product
types have been relatively neglected. To overcome this limitation, the
purpose of this study was to explore the effects of different product types.
The Internet product and service classification grid proposed by Peterson,
was employed to examine the effects of consumer characteristic
differences on online shopping acceptance in the context of different
products and services. A survey-based approach was employed to
investigate the research questions. Regression analysis demonstrated that
the determinants of online shopping acceptance differ among product or
service types. Additionally, personal innovativeness of information
technology (PIIT), perceived Web security, personal privacy concerns,
and product involvement can influence consumer acceptance of online
shopping, but their influence varies according to product types.


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