Investigating the Indicators Affecting the Success of Modern Banking Services Strategies from the View Point of Managers and Experts of Ansar Bank

Document Type : Research Paper



With increasing development of information technology, first level banks are searching for suitable strategies to fulfill their customers' needs. This research is centrally investigating the majority of influential aspects in this area, including internal factors and external environment factors, using system attitude and a comprehensive view. Accordingly, having analyzed the indicators affecting the strategies of modern banking services with emphasis on system attitude and experts’ feedback, the indicators have been surveyed and ranked. The population of the research consisted of 80 experts and managers in Deputy of Strategic Planning and Guidance of Ansar Bank. We used a questionnaire to gather experts’ opinions. Also considering the limitation of population, we used census method to survey the population. Variance analysis, explorative factor analysis method, and SPSS tool have been utilized to analyze the data. Finally, it was recognized that the indicators of competitors’ identification and security of modern banking services system were the most important ones. Also, by using factor analysis, four indicators were removed and the rest was categorized into five factors.


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