Keywords = Clustering
Number of Articles: 11
1. An Archive-based Steady-State Fuzzy Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Data Clustering (ASFDEaDC)

Volume 13, Special Issue: Big Data Analytics and Management in Internet of Things, 2021, Pages 54-67


Nushrat Praveen; Vally D

3. Hybrid Bio-Inspired Clustering Algorithm for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2019, Pages 76-101


Amirhossein Barzin; Ahmad Sadeghieh; Hassan Khademi Zare; Mahboobeh Honarvar

4. Designing Knowledge Map for Knowledge Management projects Using Network Analysis

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2017, Pages 637-657


Heidar Najafi; Mohammad Aghdasi; Babak Teimurpoor

5. Segmenting Costumers Based on Their Reactions to Social Networks Marketing on Instagram

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2017, Pages 571-586


Rashin Ghahreman; Masoud Keimasi; Ali Heidari

7. Intelligent Online Store: User Behavior Analysis based Recommender System

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2015, Pages 385-406


Mohamadreza Karimi Alavije; Shiva Askari; Sirvan Parasteh

10. Mining customer dynamics in designing customer segmentation using data mining techniques

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 1-30


lham Akhondzadeh-Noughabi; Amir Albadvi; Mohammad Aghdasi