Reviewing the Mediator Role of Noreliance to Avoidance from Internet Advertisements



The purpose of this research is to find the reasons of users avoidance from Internet advertisements. In this research it has been reviewed about the ideas of 100 people sample of Internet users via Tehran city by using a 19 items questionnaire. The result of research has shown that no reliance on internet advertisements has mediation effect on the relation between perceived obstacles of purpose and behavioral avoidance changes Lp<0.001, B=0,570) and it has included 22% of behavioral avoidance changes of Internet advertisements. The perceived obstacle of purpose has negative effect or behavioral avoidance of Internet advertisements. (P<0.001, B=-0.481).T student test also confirmed the mediation of unreliance which the score of behavioral avoidance from internet advertisements in the group of low unreliance (high reliance) (t=3.04, P<0.001). This research is functional as the view point of purpose and it is descriptive and measurable in the point of method. Different statistical tests specially hierarchical regression, have been used in studying the results and conclusions