Author = Mohd Farid Shamsudin
The Influence of Social Media Marketing Activities on Purchase Intention: A Study of the E-Commerce Industry

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2024, Pages 201-216


Affendy Abu Hassim; Mohd Farid Shamsudin; GholamReza Zandi; Nasution Ismail

Managing Customer Trust and Satisfaction on Chatbots in the Retail Industry

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2024, Pages 217-236


Mohd Farid Shamsudin; Affendy Abu Hassim; GholamReza Zandi; Siti Aisyah Esa

Understanding Customer Satisfaction of Chatbots Service and System Quality in Banking Services

Volume 15, Special Issue, 2023, Pages 142-152


Suraya Zainol; Mohd Farid Shamsudin; Sallaudin Hassan; Nor Azila Mohd Noor

Does the Support System Mediate the Relationship between University Roles and Entrepreneurial Intentions among University Students?

Volume 13, Issue 3, 2021, Pages 41-54


Mohd Farid Shamsudin; Mohd Nasir Alias; Zawiah Abdul Majid; GholamReza Zandi; Mohammad Amin Mohammad