Author = Anton Solomko
Number of Articles: 2
1. Formation the Project Maturity of Public Administration in implementation of Digital Transformation Projects

Volume 13, Special Issue: Advanced Innovation Topics in Business and Management, 2021, Pages 163-187


Andrii Blyznyuk; Iryna Melnyk; Yurii Hrinchenko; Anton Solomko; Svitlana Lernyk; Olga Moshak

2. Digital Platforms as a Tool for the Transformation of Strategic Consulting in Public Administration

Volume 13, Special Issue: Role of ICT in Advancing Business and Management, 2021, Pages 42-61


Viacheslav Klochan; Igor Piliaiev; Tetyana Sydorenko; Vira Khomutenko; Anton Solomko; Alona Tkachuk