Management Approach to Implementation of ERP-System and CBIP for Effective of Enterprises` Integration

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Odessa, Ukraine.

2 Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Department of Management and Marketing, ISMA University, Riga, Latvia.

3 PhD Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Human Resources and Enterprise Economics, Donetsk State University of Management, Mariupol, Ukraine.

4 PhD Candidate, Department of Finance, University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, Sofia, Bulgaria.


It has been proved that in the era of globalization and the development of information technologies, the need to optimize the supply chain of services increases, since the integration of participants in this chain is performed without the use of modern management information systems. In the paper, with the help of logic-cognitive, structural-functional methods, structural-logical and imitation modelling, a management approach to simulation of business interaction in the integration of enterprises with elements of ERP-system and CBIP is developed and proposed, which allows you to create a flexible, adaptive and secure IT infrastructure , which increases the efficiency of the enterprise and allows you to optimize the management of relations with other participants in the service supply chain. As a result of this application of modern supply chain management systems, a synergistic effect is achieved that allows you to minimize the number of technological operations, shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost of services both for each individual enterprise and in the service supply chain as a whole.


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