New Realities of the Enterprise Management System Information Support: Economic and Mathematical Models and Cloud Technologies

Document Type : Int. Conf. on Communication Management and Information Technology- ICCMIT'20


1 Professor, Department of Construction Economics and Housing, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2 Professor, Department of Accounting, Audit and Taxation, Khmelnytsky National University, hmelnytsky, Ukraine.

3 Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Audit and Taxation, Khmelnytsky National University, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.

4 Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Audit and Taxation, Khmelnytsky National University, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.


The paper focuses on the urgency of the implementation of cloud technologies, which are a necessary condition for the development of enterprise management systems, give rise to a complex of insufficiently studied phenomena and processes and determine the need to find new tools in making and implementing reasonable management decisions. In the process of research, the sequence of construction and the overall structure of the enterprise management system, based on the use of cloud technologies, are determined, which allowed to build a mathematical model for calculating the probability of making an error-free decision, evaluating the efficiency of decision-making, a model of making a management decision for a certain time with the parallel method of operation of elements of the enterprise management system.


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