Infrastructure Analysis of Sazeh Gostar Saipa Outsourcing Company to Select Knowledge Management Strategy: Qualitative Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Prof., Faculty of Management & Accounting, Farabi Campus University of Tehran, Qom, Iran

2 MSc., Human Resource Management, Farabi Campus University of Tehran, Qom, Iran

3 MSc, Marketing Management, Farabi Campus University of Tehran, Qom, Iran


In today's turbulent business environment, organizations have to make changes in their structure such as outsourcing. This change that is a requirement to provide for the needs of that organization and for competitive advantage can be considered as a new trouble for that organization as well. Because of such changes, an organization may lose the workers' (employee) knowledge that is the most important element of the competitive advantage. Thus, the organizations are required to use the most effective knowledge management strategy that is proposed according to the analysis of the key aspects of those organizations. This study examines Sazeh Gostar, the most important suppliers of spare parts for Saipa Automobile Company. At first, the two coding and personalization strategies were applied provided that they were reviewed in the literature. The influential factors were then classified according to McKenzie 7S model. Then, the data were obtained using snowball and targeted sampling from interviews with 9 experts, and through reviewing the company documents. Current status of the company was identified using Theme Analysis. Finally, comparing the influential factors on the company's knowledge management strategy, the appropriate coding strategy was selected.


Main Subjects

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