A Hybrid Model to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Web-based Marketing in Iran's Airline Industry

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The main purpose of this study was to propose a model for assessing the effectiveness of web-based marketing in Iran's airline industry. Thence in the first step after identifying the components of the model on the basis of literature review and opinions of experts in the field of marketing and sales related to airline industry, the final components of the model were extracted .In the second step, the Dematel method has been used to determine the existing relations between criteria. In the following, we utilized the ANP to determine the weight of each criterion with regard to the existing dependency and feedback between criteria as the third step. Finally in the last step of this research three reputable Iranian Companies in the airline industry were ranked by the use of VICTOR method. The results obtained by Dematel method indicated the internal and external communications between criteria of the assessing effectiveness of web-based marketing model. Meanwhile, the results of ANP suggested that “Reliability” was in the first place in terms of weight and importance among all criteria of the model. Result of VICOR showed that Mahan Company had the minimum distance to the ideal level.


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