Investigating Knowledge Management Infrastructure in a Military University

Document Type : Research Paper



Knowledge management is one the most important and valuable approaches of leading organizations using which an organization can reserve its intellectual properties. Considering the importance of knowledge management, the research intends to assess knowledge management infrastructure in a military university and tries to answer the main question of: "Does the infrastructure of knowledge management play a significant role in the university being studied?" The research uses a descriptive-survey method. Research population included those who were acquainted with knowledge management and knew about the missions, structure, and functions of universities. The sample group was selected by random cluster sampling method. A questionnaire with Cronbach Alpha Coefficient of 0.84 was applied to collect data. Single variant T-test was used to analyze the data. The study indicated that the infrastructure of the university was generally appropriate with regard to knowledge management. It comprises high levels of organizational culture, top managers' commitment, employees’ participation, group work, employees’ empowerment, and modelling. The university is supposed to pay more attention to employees' training and their performance assessment.


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