The Role of Knowledge Management in E-Business Strategy

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this research is to study the role of knowledge management in building an E-business strategy. In terms of purpose, nature and data collection, the research is respectively an applied, descriptive-survey and field study research. The population of the research consisted of two groups. The first one included 10 experts in the field of knowledge management and E-who determined the validity of the research instrument. In the second stage and to test hypothesizes, 180 usable questionnaires were gathered from people who were related to E-business. In the first stage of the research, the role of knowledge management in implementing each stage of E-business strategy bulling model of Hackbarth and Kettinger, including initiation, diagnosis, strategic choice, and transition, was verified by experts. Then the rate of using knowledge management in building an E-Business strategy by three great Iranian companies was studied. The result of the present research shows that in these three companies, knowledge management has a significant role in all stages of building an E-Business strategy. However, the importance of the mentioned role in each activity and is far different.


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