Proposing Model with an Integrating ANP and PROMETHEE for Ranking Websites Based on Usability Criteria

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Prof. of Industrial Management, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran


Web services cover most of the users with dramatic reduction the physical presence of individuals and increased quality of web sites. Applicability of web sites as a means to ensure the proper design of systems and products for human use. The purpose of this research is study of usability of websites. Research model is formed using variables include clarity and accuracy of content, search and effective results, prevention and correction of errors and efficient. This research is based on objective, practical and based on the methods descriptive. In this research Statistical population is web sites in Yazd offices and four sites were selected through selective sampling. In order to rank the sites used the integration of ANP and PROMETHEE method. The innovation of this research is ranking the websites using ANP and PROMETHEE method. The results show that the telecommunication website of Yazd has greater usability than investigated websites. This study provides useful information of the usability scope of websites and can be valuable for researchers and webmasters. It also offers suggestions for improving usability of before mentioned websites.