Investigating the Factors Affecting Electronic Loyalty of Bank Tejarat Customers in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc. Studentin Information Technology Management, Islamic Azad University E-Campus, Iran

2 Assistant Prof. College of Management, Islamic Azad University, Shahre Rey, Iran


With the advent of Internet banking, new generation of customers appeared. Banks also for having a larger share in the competitive market should try to attract more customers as well as their loyalty. The present study is focused on identifying and rating the effective factors on electronics loyalty of Bank Tejarat customers. The present research is a descriptive research in a survey method which is also considered as an applied research. In the terms of time it's segmental, about location limited to Tehran, and about data it's qualitative.  In this study, the research model is based on 6 website variable qualities. Trust, quality of service, the value presented, satisfaction, buying features and the effect of each one on electronic loyalty are analyzed. Statistical population of research includes bank Tejarat electronic customers in Tehran city, and the statistics sample was based on Cochran's C test and accidentally includes around 278 members. The result of this research focuses on the direct and positive effect of all variables of models on electronic loyalty and rating the impact of these variables regarding preference are quality of service, shopping trait, the website quality, the level of confidence, Value provided, and satisfaction.