Investigating the Factors that Influence Online Impulsive Buying in Iran - Survey on Group Discount Websites

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof., University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 MBA, Mehr-e Alborz University, Tehran, Iran


Online impulsive purchasing is focused on those buying processes which simply break the borders of normal logical buying process, and are done after being influenced by some internal or external stimuli in a spare of moment and without complete evaluation of products’ alternatives. This subject especially in an online context becomes a popular one among researchers in management, economy and consumer behavior fields. We also aim to count and analyze the influence of main stimulus affecting online impulsive purchases including environmental, situational, product related, individual and promotional factors by gathering 123 completed usable questionnaires from online shoppers of group discount websites. The data have been analyzed using SPSS software and finally we came to a conclusion which supports two of our main hypothesis about positive impact of individual factors and product related factors, and rejects 3 of them which were the impact of situational, environmental and promotional factors. The study is a descriptive applicable survey, and has gathered its data by accidental and convenience sampling methods from Iranian discount websites’ customers.


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