Evaluation of Effective Factors on e-Loyalty in Organizations Providing Electronic Services using Fuzzy AHP Method



In today's business world, proper identification of customer’s requirements and a quick response to these requirements is a key to commercial success. Increasing customer loyalty affects the profitability and organizations can ensure their long-term interests by means of planning. In today's competitive world, the services provided by the competing company have to be more similar to each other and can be hard to surprise customers within completely new service in the long term, because the newest services are quickly imitated by competitors and marketed. Hence investment in customer loyalty is an effective and profitable investment for companies. One criticism that has entered into the e-service is customer loyalty. In order to study the causes of e-loyalty for organization providing e-services, this research identified the factors affecting customer loyalty in e-services and with questionnaire prepared and by using fuzzy hierarchical decision-making process acquires the weight of each factor and ultimately rank them. The results show that the quality of service provided to e-services customers is the most important factor in creating e-loyalty.