Assessing the Information Technology Alignment in Business based on Combined Indicators(A Survey of OPIC)



Alignment of information technology in business increases performance and effectiveness of information technology used in organization’s business and improves goals, strategies, resources, integration, investment and other relevant factors in the business. Methodologies used and aligned technology to business always was considered by firms, large and small companies and organizations. Until now, various models have been introduced for alignment to help organization apply alignment in their business. Each of these models, indicators and measures of self-importance has been reviewed. In this research, in the first step the famous and widely used models have been presented the role of IT in business or an organization, from strategic, alignment, operational, functional direction and other aspects of information technology in business. In the next step, reviewing and comparing adaptive models to extract the parameters will be addressed. After aggregating the indicators, common areas and overlaps will be removed and then the model will be obtained. This model represents the alignment and the more comprehensive indicators of each individual model. In assessing the alignment, structural equation modeling will be used to change indicator’s quality with quantity.