Identifying and Classifying Mobile Business Models Based on Meta-Synthesis Approach



The appearance of mobile has provided unique opportunities and fields through the development and creation of businesses and has been able to create the new job opportunities. The current research tries to familiarize entrepreneures who are running the businesses especially in the area of mobile services with business models. These business models can familiarize them for implementing the new ideas and designs since they can enter to business market. Searching in many papers shows that there are no propitiated papers and researches that can identify, categorize and analyze the mobile business models. Consequently, this paper involves innovation. The first part of this paper presents the review about the concepts and theories about the different mobile generations, the mobile commerce and business models. Afterwards, 92 models are compared, interpreted, translated and combined using 33 papers, books based on two different criteria that are expert criterion and kind of product criterion. In the classification of models according to models that are presented by experts, the models are classified based on criteria such as business fields, business partners, the rate of dynamism, the kind of activity, the focus areas, the mobile generations, transparency, the type of operator activities, marketing and advertisements. The models that are classified based on the kind of product have been analyzed and classified at four different areas of mobile commerce including the content production, technology (software and hardware), network and synthetic.