ANP-based decision support system for selecting ERP systems in oil industry by using balanced scorecard



Using IT in Today's World gurantees the existence and survival of the activities of an organization and without using them, Not only the use of modern methods in the organization becomes impossible but the possibility of competence with other organizations will be eradicated. The ERP is one of the important usages of IT in the organizations that have got a special place. In the beginning, using the BSC, the Key performance indicators are determined. Using this indicators and standards of choosing, it was determined the best ERP system that is described in research literature in order to shopping the ERP software pack. In this research regarding to this fact that these indicators can have effects on each other and these mutual impacts can have an effect on the importance degree of indicators and best alternative selection; the ANP method has been used.The result of this research is to choose the best ERP software pack available among many in a way that it is suitable with the organizational strategies & goals.