Modeling of Factors Affecting Information Sharing in Supply Chain of IKKCo (Iran Khodro Khorasan Company) Using the Integrated Cognitive Mapping Method and Bayesian Networks



: Automobile industry is one of the industries in which strive for supply chain collaboration have always been significant. With regard to importance of information sharing issue as a key mechanism in the supply chain collaboration for top managers of Iranian automobile companies, the purpose of this research has been the designing and modeling the factors affecting information sharing in supply chain of Iran Khodro Khorasan (IKK) Company. Statistical community of this research includes IKKCo supply chain experts. Accordingly, at first by studying the literature and background of the subject, 20 subsidiary factors of this structure were defined and after doing some interviews with experts, these factors increased to 22. Then the proposed conceptual model was tested through semi-structured interviews. With regard to methodology, "sequential integrated research" is performed, and the primary model was introduced by using cognitive mapping methodology. The output of this stage is the introduction of the primary model. To ensure the designed model, the modeling of Bayesian networks was used to confirm the model. The final output of this research can be the conceptual model of the information sharing in supply chain collaboration of IKK company.