Presenting a Conceptual Framework for Identifying the Typology of Customer Knowledge: A Case Study



Regarding the critical role of knowledge in gaining competitive advantages, businesses experts are focusing on customer's knowledge more than before according to recent global advancements. Identification and management of customer`s knowledge is one of the most challenging issues for researchers and experts in the field of knowledge management and customer relationship management. The purpose of this study is to provide a conceptual framework for identifying the typology of customer knowledge. To achieve this goal, a three-stage research strategy including “designing conceptual framework of research", "validation of conceptual framework“ and "evaluation of selected company (Hamkaran System) using the framework designed" is developed. In the first stage, a conceptual framework (the cluster of grapes), including 30 customer`s knowledge in the following three major categories of knowledge "for“, "From" and "about" the client was designed using literature review. Then the proposed framework is validated and approved by experts. Grape cluster framework can be considered as the most comprehensive typology framework of customer`s knowledge. Finally, the amount of customer knowledge management in Hamkaran System was evaluated based on the research framework. Results indicate that Hamkaran System has focused on "customer knowledge" more than other types of customer`s knowledge.