Presenting a Conceptual Model of Customer Feed back Process in Customer Knowledge Management (C.K.M) Approach



In the knowledge era, knowledge and knowledge-based economy, the priorities of today's organizations. One of the valuable resources for the organization is the knowledge of the customers. What is the customer's account lies in his mind, be considered a kind of hidden knowledge, if any firm that wants to use them; It should provide an appropriate mechanism. Firms should seek to achieve competitive advantage and superior performance of valuable resources, scarce, with limited mobility, and can't be replaced these features have the knowledge that such and such a source. We are looking to provide a conceptual model of client knowledge as part of the firm's knowledge in mind the result is that the interaction with the customer. Eight factors: trust and credibility to the seller's business reputation, customer acceptance of the seller customer feedback, customer knowledge, customer knowledge to detect, process knowledge and practical knowledge for assessing customer knowledge management should be identified and evaluated. Except for the impact hypothesis, firm reputation on customer acceptance, the remaining hypotheses were confirmed. This study examined the views of customers, sellers and managers of firms and with using structural equation modeling software "lisrel" is analyzed. Were proposed in the firm, according to the status of your sellers will appear, and with promises and promises made to customers in time to act space for dialogue between customers and sellers, in providing sales representatives, to meet demands of customers, for them to create value and importance. Note that the personality characteristics and behavioral and spatiality retailers and to personality characteristics, behavioral and attention to specialized sellers. The professionals and experts who can evaluate and interpret the ideas of our customers have in their agencies to use.