Proposing a Comprehensive Model of Electronic Learner Satisfaction Path; Case Study: Mehralborz University



The increasing growth of the variety of internet capabilities in last decades has resulted in complexity of consumer behavior in so many aspects. Therefore, consumer’s satisfaction is called as the most important factor in success of online activities. The emergence of the web based capabilities has led in keeping on identifying the effective factors in E-learner satisfaction and LMS implementation by many researches. This research aims to identify and extract affecting factors on E-learner satisfaction, show their interactions and present an integrated model of the best paths which lead to e-learner satisfaction. The objective has been met using the fuzzy cognitive map (FCM) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with providing a case study in Mehr Alborz electronic higher education institute. Finally, results of this mixed method shows instructor-student interactions, provision of pre-defined curriculum, access to the scientific databases and digital libraries are in sterategic paths.