Indicators to mea sare good gorernance and its role promoting e-government



Good governance is a term indicating the change of paradigm of state and government roles which prepares the way for equal participation for all citizens in decision making process, revealing this reality that governance belongs to public and is organized by them. On the other hand, e-government is a powerful instrument which causes the better public service, decrease of waste time, improvement of effectiveness-cost, transparency, accountability and productivity that brings about the promotion of government ability in key activities. This research aims at investigating the factors of good governance and establishing e-government affects on good governance. Research method used in article is survey. 200 questionnaires distributed between managers and experts in Yazd public organizations. To analyze data we use Spearman correlation and to prioritize the factors we use Friedman test. The results indicate that trust, establishing e-government lead to promotion of result orientation, effectiveness of roles, enhancing values, transparency, capacity and accountability as factors of good governance.