Investigating the Effects of Information Technology on the Capabilities and Performance of the Supply Chain of Dairy Companies in Fars Province: A Multiple Case Study



Nowadays all organizations are somehow involved with information technology revolutions and the applicable aspects of information technology are evident in any field of supply chain, from the relationship with suppliers and producers to the relationship with the customers. In other words, the application of information technology is influential in the improvement of the supply chain. In this study, the effect of information technology tools on the capabilities and performance of the supply chain in the dairy companies of Fars province is investigated. In this research, in information technology sets of tools ,supply chain communication system (SCCS), electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic mail (Email), bar-coding, and radio frequency identification (RFID), in supply chain capabilities, four dimensions including information exchange, coordination, interfirm activity integration, and supply chain responsiveness, and in performance of supply chain, two variables of performance including marketing performance and financial performance will be examined. The results indicate that using information technology tools is effective on the capabilities and hence performance of the supply chain.