A Model to Identify the Most Effective Business Rule in Information Systems using Rough Set Theory: Study on Loan Business Process



Dynamic business environment enforces organizations to constantly update and reform their own strategic expectations. Changing the embedded business rules in information systems is vital to fulfill strategic expectation. Determining appropriate position to change business rule in information systems is regarded as a time-consuming and complex activity. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and modify effective rules to achieve the strategic expectations.
In this paper, a practical model is used to identify the most effective rules in information systems. In this model, first, critical business attributes which fit to strategic expectations are taken into account. These are the attributes which their changes are more important than others in achieving the strategic expectations. To identify these attributes we utilize rough set theory. Those business rules which use critical information attribute in their structures are identified as the most effective business rules. The Proposed model helps information system developers to identify scope of effective business rules. It causes a decrease in time and cost of information system maintenance. Also it helps business analyst to focus on managing critical business attributes in order to achieve a specific goal.