Model to Selecting contractors in Software projects



Organizations in private and public sector assign many projects in information technology (particularly software) field to contractors for implementation every year. Previous experiences shows that most of these projects are stopped before finishing or cannot meet the expected results. Based on studies related to this issue, many of failures depend on implementation contractor, directly or indirectly. Therefore, in order to achieve the expected results in projects` implementations, selecting adequate contractor should be considered subtly.
Selection procedure, selection criteria and their importance are important issues in selection problem. In this research, has been tried to solve these issues. Balanced Scorecard for Information Technology (BITS) and Delphi method were used to determine criteria for contractors` evaluation and 25 criteria were identified. Then data were collected from experts by using a questionnaire and were analyzed with factor analysis and Entropy in order to find each criteria`s importance. Finally designed model and identified factors were used in a real case.