Measuring of information technology governance maturity in Iranian financial services industry Comparison between state & private bank sectors using the COBIT4.1 framework



In current dynamic and often turbulent work environment, information technology becomes an effective competitive advantage that organizations largely rely on it. Due to this affiliation, the importance of integrity and accommodation between the information technology strategies and business strategies in organizations has been increased. This alliance is the initial aim of the governance of information technology. The purpose of this study is evaluating and comparing the maturity of information technology governance of organization that are active in financial services sector (state and private banks). In order to measure and compare the maturity of IT governance of Iranian banks in adaption of business strategies, IT governance and COBIT4.1 framework has been used. In this study, data have been collected from 17 large state and private banks. The results suggest that private banks, due to structure type and maturity of IT governance and organizational strategies, have higher degree of maturity (1.98) in applying the technology and compliance with IT compare to state banks (1.60)