Structural Modeling of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Dimensions Effect on Virtual Teams Performance



According to the changing business, nowadays teams are cornerstones of successful organizations, In addition, with the developments and technological innovations in communication and information, virtual teams are playing more critical role in today's business. On this basis, determining factors which affect virtual team's performance are important to both scholars and practitioners. By reviewing management literature, OCB as a critical factor influencing performance will be found. According to that this paper investigated the effect of OCB on efficiency and effectiveness of virtual teams which are considered as indicators of virtual team's performance, and ultimately effect of each dimension of OCB on performance is addressed. Base on the paper results, OCB affects efficiency and effectiveness and consequently the performance of virtual teams, and it is proved that, however sportsmanship has no effect on team performance, but other dimensions of OCB such as altruism, conscientiousness, courtesy and civic virtue have direct positive effect on virtual team performance