Designing a Model to Explicate Factors Influence the Process of IT User Adoption: (A Research about Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company)



Technology acceptance model is a widely accepted model for explaining user behavior in technology adaptation. The coping model of user adaptation defines user adaptation as the cognitive and behavioral efforts performed by users to cope with significant IT events that occur in their work environment. This paper based on the combination of the mentioned models proposes a model for explicating factors influencing the process of IT user adaptation. A study of the research model in the Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) provides preliminary support for our model. The data gathered from 350 users of project management information system (SAP) analyzed by structural equation model. The findings indicate significant impact of individual factors and also important role of usefulness in user believes forming. Our model offers predictive power while evaluating a new system most users perceived threats of the technology and consider its negative aspects. In the result, they choose strategies that unlikely has few impact on improving user effectiveness and efficiency, lead to reduce negative impacts of IT event and will enhance user assessment.