An Approach towards Enterprise Architecture Quality Attribute Assessment based on Fuzzy AHP



Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for understanding, engineering, and managing different components of an enterprise and their interrelationships. Moreover, because the risk and impact of EA are pervasive across the enterprise, it is critical to perform an architecture assessment before making any decision about choosing a scenario. This paper provides an approach based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process towards EA analysis. It proposes a quantitative method of assessing quality attribute achievement of different scenarios using AHP based on the knowledge and experience of EA experts and domain experts. Due to the vagueness and uncertainty in the judgments of participants, the crisp pair-wise comparison in the conventional AHP is insufficient and imprecise to capture the right judgments. Therefore, the fuzzy logic is introduced in the pair-wise comparison of AHP to make up for this deficiency. The applicability of the proposed approach is demonstrated using a practical case study