Proposing a Model to present Factors which Affect e-SCM Risk and their Impacts on Organizational Performance



Companies strive to improve market share, grow corporate profit, and gain strategic advantage. In order to achieve these goals, supply chain competency must be placed at the heart of a company’s business model. Using e-Commerce and information and communication technologies (ICT) in today’s changing demands of business has made organizations more responsive and flexible. E-Commerce and Internet have changed the nature of supply chains and re-defined how customers obtain wisdom of products, services, selection, purchasing and using them. Advent of ICT and new business environment has caused emerge of electronic supply chains. This research has proposed a model for presenting factors which affect electronic supply chain’s risk; besides the influence of the risk on financial and non-financial organization’s performance indicators. Studying the influence of the risk on organization’s performance is conducted in a sample of electronic and telecommunication companies. In order to measure these relationships, using correlation and structural equation modeling (SEM) techniques proposed that electronic supply chain risk identification and management have significant impact on organization’s performance improvement.