Designing a Decision Making Model to Measure Scientific Research Essays of Management



The current approach of Iranian researchers in producing scientific papers and their publications in recent years has demanded for a reform in the traditional processes of Scientific Journals administration. To do so the authors first had extracted the measuring criteria of managerial articles by a careful look at the judging forms of journals and conferences and consulting with those in authority. Then by cooperation of 17 faculty members and by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process, the criteria were scored. The outcome of this stage is to provide a comprehensive and rhythmic judging form. The results obtained to this stage could be used separately from the rest of the research, but the authors did not content to this stage and by the aim of providing development potentials, a zero-one programming model which uses the outcome of the Analytic Hierarchy Process were designed. After completing the conceptual designing, was the turn of implementing the model. The result of our efforts in this stage will be computer software which is the supporter of Scientific Research Journals in accepting or rejecting the received articles. This system uses the Lyndo software as its motor and has the needed text analyzers to explain the outcome of Lyndo software.