Keywords = Marketing
Digitalization of Business Development Marketing Tools in the B2C Market

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 124-134


Nataliia Savytska; Vitalina Babenko; Hanna Chmil; Olha Priadko; Iryna Bubenets

Blockchain Implications for Marketing; A Review and an Empirical Analysis

Volume 14, Special Issue: The business value of Blockchain, challenges, and perspectives., 2022, Pages 83-106


Taher M. Al-Ahwal; Dušan Mladenović; Ahad ZareRavasan

The Effect of Online Marketing through Social Media Platforms on Saudi Public Libraries

Volume 13, Special Issue: Advanced Innovation Topics in Business and Management, 2021, Pages 238-262


Magdah Ezat Gharieb