Author = Maryna Nehrey
Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Data Intelligence for Sustainable Environment

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 163-177


Larysa Zomchak; Maryna Nehrey; –úarianna –ěliskevych; Iryna Voronenko; Nataliy Rogoza

Problems and Priorities of Strengthening Economic Security Using it Management: Structural Modeling Approach

Volume 14, Special Issue: Digitalization of Socio-Economic Processes, September 2022, Pages 121-131


Maryna Nehrey; Larysa Zomchak; Nataliia Klymenko; Iryna Volovelska; Julia Pichugina

Advertising Strategy Management in Internet Marketing

Volume 13, Special Issue: Advanced Innovation Topics in Business and Management, 2021, Pages 35-47


Iryna Voronenko; Maryna Nehrey; Serhiy Kostenko; Iryna Lashchyk; Viktoriia Niziaieva