Keywords = Prediction
Mapping Grayscale Images to Colour Space Using Deep Learning

Volume 14, Special Issue: Security and Resource Management challenges for Internet of Things, 2022, Pages 52-68


Anu Saini; Jyoti Tripathi

Hybrid Weighted Random Forests Method for Prediction & Classification of Online Buying Customers

Volume 13, Issue 2, 2021, Pages 245-259


Umesh Kumar Lilhore; Sarita Simaiya; Devendra Prasad; Deepak Kumar Verma

Long Short-Term Memory Approach for Coronavirus Disease Predicti

Volume 12, Special Issue: The Importance of Human Computer Interaction: Challenges, Methods and Applications., 2020, Pages 11-21


Omar Ibrahim Obaid; Mazin Abed Mohammed; Salama A. Mostafa