Author = Hubanov, Oleh
Number of Articles: 2
1. Digital Tools in Cross-Cultural Analysis of Sme Financial State Support in the Conditions of Pandemic Crisis

Volume 13, Special Issue: Advanced Innovation Topics in Business and Management, 2021, Pages 142-162


Alla Ivashchenko; Yuliia Kovalenko; Oleh Hubanov; Tamara Hubanova; Iryna Lutsenko; Anastasiia Fialkovska

2. Information Technologies in Improving Crime Prevention Mechanisms in the Border Regions of Southern Ukraine

Volume 13, Special Issue: Role of ICT in Advancing Business and Management, 2021, Pages 75-90


Tamara Hubanova; Rostyslav Shchokin; Oleh Hubanov; Volodymyr Antonov; Pavlo Slobodianiuk; Sergiy Podolyaka